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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Legal Venue, General and Contact Information

Legal Venue, General and Contact Information
WBZ-AM - Welcome to (the Site, us or we ), the official website for Radio Station WBZ NewsRadio 1030, Boston, MA ( Station ). This site is owned and operated by Infinity Broadcasting Group ( Owner and Operator ), a

Golf Channel - PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE BEFORE USING THIS SITE. By continuing to access or use this site, or any service on this site, you signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions of service. From time to time, thegolfchannel

HP Wants Your Old PCs Back
BusinessWeek - A few years ago, when environmentalists in Washington State began agitating to rid local dumps of toxic old computers and televisions, they found an unexpected ally: Hewlett-Packard Co. ( HPQ ). Teaming up with greens and retailers, HP took on IBM

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Washington Post - Annie Groer and Jura Koncius: Good morning everyone! We hope you caught Annie and me yesterday on our radio gig on WTWP. We are will be on at 11 a.m. next week as well. And we hope to take live questions in the near future on topics we all hold dear

Warnings About Selling Your iPod Or Mp3 Player
CBS 11 News - (CBS 11 News) DALLAS A warning for anyone who is thinking about selling an iPod or MP-3 player the sale of your music machine may land you in big trouble. Blayne Aden didn't need his iPod anymore, so he decided to sell it online to the highest

What? There's A Downside To DRM?
Tech Dirt - Copy protection and DRM aren't wonder toys. What protection -- if any -- they provide content suppliers comes at a pretty significant cost. A Yahoo exec ruffled some feathers when he said the company would be better off selling music without copy

Another Honda success with the slick 2006 Civics
Miami Herald - Y ou think it's easy finding fault with a Honda Civic? Heck, we're talking about a compact that is an icon in the automotive industry, earning acclaim for its technology, value and performance since it hit the streets in 1973. So what about the

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