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Monday, March 27, 2006

Free Stuff Directory

Well, the word FREE is very powerful and is often one of the highest bidded keywords.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

We will take a break from the usual digital products listing.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

What To Know Before You Buy An E Product

This is one of my original articles.

Being an internet marketer or internet entrepreneur, you might have encounter countless self proclaimed Internet marketing experts, tons of e-products such as e-books and software that makes extraordinary claims. But how do you know which is the best deal and not a fraud or just a rip off? Well, here are my tips to help you consider yourself.

1) Never Buy On Impulse

One of my first purchases of information products was this massive bundled pack containing literally hundreds of products worth thousands of dollar, all with master resell rights. It was an offer that I could not refuse. I bought it on an auction site at the moment I first came across it. After making the purchase, I randomly did a quick browse and came across the same product offered by another seller at 90% lower the price I have already paid for. I was of course angry at myself as I have overpaid for a product that I can get at a far lower price. However, I learnt that a simple search either on the auction site or the internet can save me huge sums of money. Most of the sale pages constructed by the sellers are to attract potential buyers to buy on impulse. That is how they cash in. It is our own responsibility to be smart consumers. This tip works not just on e-products but literally anything that is being sold online. All you have to do is just copy the name of the product and just do a quick search on search engines. At times, you will be surprised with the results.

2) If In Doubt, Ask

While reading a sales letter or page, you might be a little confused or unsure of the terms used. For example, if the publisher offers Money Back Guarantee but did not specify the terms. Just contact the publisher with your question. If the publisher is a reliable source, you should receive your answer within 24 hours or less. If you do not receive a reply, just give the seller a miss as it shows that the seller does not maintain it’s sales page and how can you be guarantee a good customer support after purchasing the product when the publisher can’t even reply to your pre-sales e-mail.

3) Age of the Product

Try to verify the age of the product. Don’t just look at the phrases such as “Just Release” or “Brand New” and certainly don’t believe the date on the sales letter as it is generated by scripts that updates itself daily or synchronizes with the date on your computer. A few simple steps such as looking at the date of the copyright usually in the footer of the page can roughly tell you when the product is released. It will usually look something like this “© 2000 Super Marketer. All Rights Reserved”. This clearly indicates that the product was released in 2000. Some marketers do not update their sales pages once it has been released. Besides that, just send an e-mail enquiring about the date of release. The reason of avoiding buying old products as some of it might contain irrelevant information as you might know that the online world keeps on evolving and for a product release in 2000 to be relevant with this year, there is only a slight possibility. However, some products are released with latest updates making it just fine.

4) Be Careful with Master Resell Rights

Master Resell Rights is definitely an added bonus to any products. To those who are unfamiliar with this term, it is the rights given to you by the author or publisher to resell the products. Most e-products have this as an additional bonus as it adds value to the product. You can then resell as much of the product as you want at either an agreed price or a price that you decide. However, some publishers charge extra for the reseller rights. The only downside to products with Master Resell Rights is that it might not have any resell value as it has long been on the market and considered outdated or the competition of people selling it is too much. Besides that, just do a quick search on the item on a search engine because you might get it for a much lower price from another reseller.

5) Money Back Guarantee

Most people after making a purchase are just left disappointed with the poor quality of the product being nothing like what it is mentioned in the sales letter. However, most people forget about the Money Back Guarantee that is being offered. Use it and ask for a refund within the agreed time frame. For example, ask for a refund within the first 30 days of your of 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Never wait until the last minute to ask for a refund. There might be delays on the communications and it could surpass your Money Guarantee Period. However, some products might not have Money Back Guarantee and hence you should choose your products wisely.

Well, that’s about it for now. Do keep on the look out for my other articles in the near future. I look forward in hearing from you. Do send me your constructive feedback or questions.

Benny Ong XXX

Thursday, March 16, 2006 Membership

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

eBooked Package

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Monday, March 13, 2006

iProfit eBook Package

Extracts From The Site:

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iProfit eBook Package is the biggest collection of quality ebooks and software available on the internet. All the products included in the package are bestselling titles that currently sell thousands of copies every day.

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This is what you get with the package:

- 85 BestSelling eBook & Software products worth over $3000.

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- Professionally Designed Sales Websites for all the individual titles, as well as the main iProfit eBook Package.

- Free Lifetime Updates so you will always have access to new products at no additional cost.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Complete Business Package V1.0

- Have you been running an online business without much success?
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  • 80+ powerful software tools, scripts & utilities

  • 100+ business letter templates & agreements

  • Thousands of great profitably money making ebooks

  • Hundreds of special money-making informational

Plus, everything comes with Full Resell Rights and MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

This package is currently priced at an amazingly low $47.97 only!

Just resell one of the products at the price you have paid for the whole package and earn back your investment.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Can You Really Make Money Reselling Resale Rights Products?

Selling eBooks and Software with Resale Rights and Master Resale Rights
Remember the old Reprint Rights Reports Cd's? They used to sell them years ago in business opportunity magazines. They contain a few thousand reports with reprint rights. The reports cover many subjects about money making and making money in mail order etc.

The idea is that you purchase the CD with reprint and resale rights which means that you can resell any of the reports on the CD to other opportunity seekers. Some of these Cd's come with Master Resale Rights which gives you the right to resell the entire CD complete with Resale Rights to your customers. This means that you can resell the CD along with the Master Resale Rights license.

These Reprint Rights Cd's are still for sale today in magazines and on the Internet. To see what I mean, do a search for the term "Reprint Rights Reports" or "Reprint Rights CD". Those two terms will produce over one million results.

So what does all this have to do with eBooks and Software Resale Rights?

If you do a search for the term Resale Rights, you will see almost one million results. If you do a search for the term Software Resale Rights, you will find over 400,000 results. The term eBook Resale Rights will produce about 60,000 results.

Check these results and you will see the same old eBooks and software doing the rounds like a tired old chain-letter that keeps circulating till the end of time and never dies. Every now and then you will see a clever marketer with some new eBook or Software. Or is it really new? Maybe it's new because *I* have not seen it till now.

So now we have discovered a range of products that every webmaster and her dog is selling. Do you think that you can buy an eBook with resale rights and keep 100% of the profits? You bet. You will keep 100% of the profits but you will be lucky to make many sales if you target the search terms mentioned above. You will do better targeting other terms.

Furthermore, if you have purchased some bottom of the range Resale Rights product, you will find that the links inside the eBook or Software sell products that the original author is promoting. You get a measly 20 bucks for working hard to make a sale but the authors promotions go along for a free ride.

IMPORTANT: When I say bottom of the range, I am not casting a value judgment on the actual content of the eBook or Software, I am describing a principle which concludes that there is not much future in reselling a particular range of products.

Because this scenario has left a sour taste in people's mouths, many eBook and Software publishers today offer brandable versions of their products so that you too can quietly make huge sums of money each time you make a sale from a link within the eBook.

But consider this:

What if you are the author?
What if everyone is reselling your eBook or Software and distributing your affiliate links?
What if you charged a fee for a special custom branded version of your ebook so that purchasers can add their own affiliate links?
Most people will probably join the affiliate program from your affiliate link!
So can you really make money reselling Resale Rights Products?

Yes but you'll have to be a bit creative. You will not do too well if you just go out and resell some tired old package as is with no changes. Some of those eBook and Software packages contain many good items. In most cases, they also contain a website for each particular item.

Because you own the right, you are free to extract any individual items from those packages and re-package them into a creation of your own. One good model of success is to create a members only type of website which allows your customers to download any items you have available for resale.

If you continue to add new products into your members only download area, members will stay interested. What if you charged $100.00 per year for membership and you got 1000 customers? This would be a $100000.00 per year income for you. What if you got 5000 members? I think $100 dollars is not too much to ask for a good variety of ebooks and software with resale rights but make it unique.

Remember, it is the author of the eBook or Software who cleans up while thousands of people are promoting their products and services. To be an author, all you need to do is create an eBook, a piece of software or re-package a number of resale rights items that you already own the rights to. Make it unique, fresh and different.

Be at the top of the Pecking Order

It looks like your time will be well spent developing your own eBook or software or package. That way, you are the author. You are at the top of the pecking order and your products can be getting distributed till the end of time by thousands of resellers. If you offer a brandable version of your product, thousands of people will happily be promoting your products and services.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Quick FAQ About Digital Resale Rights

What are Resale Rights?

Resale Rights is permission or the “rights” given by the content creator to re-sell their products WITHOUT commission or royalties after a one-time purchase of their product. ALL of the products in EACH of these three packages have resale rights and with your purchase you are able to sell them at whatever price you choose and keep 100% of the profits.

The best part about buying products with digital resale rights is that you are in control of the pricing, the marketing…everything. You can advertise your product in many different ways or offer special promotions for short or long periods of time. It’s all up to your imagination. As the owner of your business, you can learn and tailor your offerings to your customers, and watch your sales grow and grow.

What are the benefits of products with Resale Rights?

- You keep 100% of the profit
- Ability to market your product any way you want.
- Have as many affiliates as you want sell your product for you at any price

Why should I sell products with Resale Rights verses joining an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are great because there is a minimal investment, and you can make commission however inflexible it maybe. But the real people who are making money with affiliate programs are the owners of the program. With each of these three packages you can be the affiliate owner.

Imagine if you can develop any bonus strategy or marketing campaign you want. Do you thing you would make money? Sure you would. We give you the opportunity to take pre-existing products and reselling them at whatever price you want, and you keep all the profits.

- You choose the price
- You control all the profits.

Buying products with resale rights enables you to recruit and have affiliates sell YOUR products. Once your affiliate makes a sale, they earn a commission. This may sound like a lot of additional work, but it can be completely automated with an affiliate management service and credit card processing service like Click bank.

Would you like having hundreds of commission only sales people working hard for you or would you rather be just a sales person?

People will work for you – not you working for others. Isn’t that why you are considering a business of your own?

Resale Rights = People work for you.
Affiliate programs = You work for someone.

Remember Affiliate Programs are a great way to make money online… for the product owner. Because he or she, could have literally hundreds of sales people marketing their product online. With this program, you are the product owner and you will have multiple channels in which to reach new potential customers and obtain much more sales.

Ask yourself this question, would you rather be 1 of a 100 commissioned affiliates selling some one else product, or have a 100 affiliates selling your product? I would think you would like someone else selling your product. With any of these three packages, this is possible. You could have as many affiliates you want marketing your products for you, as well as you marketing the products for yourself.

When you buy products with resale rights you will have the flexibility to really run your business. Flexibility is being able to develop any pricing strategy or marketing campaign that best encourages a sale for YOUR customer base. Flexibility is also the ability to switch pricing strategies if necessary to obtain more sales. With these packages, you have the flexibility to run your business any way you want to drive your sales higher and higher.

Affiliate programs do NOT give you flexibility. The owners of the eBooks and or software will set the price, create the rules on how you market their product, and you will use their marketing campaigns. All you do is drive traffic to their site and hope to make a sale.

Affiliate programs are not all that bad, if you look at the top of this web site, you will see a link to sign up for our affiliate program, and you too are welcome to do so. It can be one of the best ways to get your feet wet in the Internet marketing business. Then, when the time is right and you want to start making the real money. Buy our one of our program and start on your way to becoming the next Internet Guru.

Every e-Business owner needs to know the following information, including you and your customers.

- How an Internet Business works right from your home
- How to Build a Web site for any experience level.
- Software to build your web site.
- How to get a High Search Engine Ranking to drive traffic to your site?
- How to create and write your very own eZine
- How to have your eZine make you money every single month
- How to write extremely profitable reports
- How to generate 800+ visitors to your site every hour

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Gigantic Resell Collection

Master Resale Rights and Mini-Websites for Many of the LATEST Ebooks, Software and Marketing Tools!

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There is a 60 days change your mind money back guarantee. If you ordered the package and feels that it is not the thing for you. Just ask for a refund.

You just can't lose.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Welcome All

Greetings everyone,

First of all, welcome to this page. It is aim at listing all the lastest digital products available in the market with resale rights or private label rights.

If you do come across any new opportunities, please feel free to let me know by placing your comments.

Well, stay on the lookout for our latest listings.

Till next time.

Take care.

Benny Ong XXX